EU Rises

  • 38 team Double Elimination  
  • Gears of War 3  
  • March 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM GMT  
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The ECG is proud to announce it's first official tournament 


This tournament will be held on Sunday the 1st of March and will begin at 12:00 GMT. To sign up contact one of the staff members listed below via twitter or xbox live. You can also use these as a means of contact if you have any issues during the tournament. For more info follow @EUCompGears on twitter for EU Gears of War. 

Support staff 

                                           Twitter                                                          Xbox             

                                  @GowGrahamS                                        TheHostHunter

                                   @Breaker_Boii                                          StM Breaker
                                   @TomPryor43                                            StM Precision 
                                   @EssJimmyB                                             Ess JimmyB

Gears of War 3 EXE/KOTH One day cup. 

Execution Settings:

Rounds to Win – 4
Round Time Limit – 5
Bleed-out Time – 20 (hidden default)

Friendly Fire – On

Classic Stalemates – On 

Weapon Respawn – After Pick Up

Execution Weapon Swaps:

Checkout Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistol

Mulcher > Disabled

Clocktower Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistol

Boomshot > Digger

Incendiary Grenades > Frag Grenades

Hotel Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Old Town Execution:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Scorcher > Disabled


Koth Settings:

Score Limit- 210 

Rounds- 1

Bleedout Time : 20 seconds 

Friendly Fire : ON

Classic Stalemates : ON

Weapon Pickup : After Pickup

(Every 53 Points = 1 Round)

King of the Hill Weapon Swaps:

Drydock KOTH:

All Pistols > Snub Pistols

Rustlung KOTH:

Incendiary Grenades > Frag Grenades

Mulcher > Disabled

**Sliver back is not to be used or touched. If your team uses sliver back at all, you will be Disqualified**

Character Restriction:

NO using Clone Characters. Use one or the other, NOT both.

Cog Characters Banned:

All Females

Big Rig Dizzy

Mechanic Baird

Commando Dom

Cog Clone Characters:

Anthony and Benjamin Carmine

Golden Gear and Cog Gear

Classic Baird and Damon Baird

Dominic Santiago and Classic Dom

Classic Marcus, Unarmored Marcus, and Marcus Fenix

Cole Train, Classic Cole, Superstar Cole, Augustus Cole

Locust Characters Banned:



Savage Kantus

Locust Clone Characters:

Grenadier and Hunter Elite

Miner and Golden Miner

Hunter and Golden Hunter


Map Selection:

Continuation Rule:

There will be no continuation.

 ROSTERS ARE FINAL. If you or your team have any questions or concerns, please contact the event staff to make roster adjustments. If any one other than the specified roster plays, it will result in an automatic DQ for the team.


Game Rules:

Please read all of the rules thoroughly. Failure to comply will result in a disqualification (DQ) for your team.

All rules are final. No exceptions will be made.

  • ((Host to Host)) - Higher seed will choose between hosting maps 1 & 2 (bo3) and  1 & 4 or maps 2 &3 in a best of 5  (1,4,6 and 2,3,5 in a bo7).
  • If a deciding map is required the team who have won the most rounds will host.
  • If swaps are incorrect the hosting team has 10 seconds to return to lobby. Failure to comply will result in a loss by default. No exceptions!
  • Each team is allowed Four (4) players and One (1) substitute.
  • Players have 15 minutes to respond to the invitation when messaged in regards to their next match. Failure to report on time will result in a DQ. (Semi-Finals & Finals excluded).
  • Any person found cheating will be instantly DQ'ed (including DDoS - valid proof required)
  • If a contributor disconnects or leaves the session, the match will continue.
  • Please be patient as you are waiting for your match to commence. Do not SPAM the Tournament Host(s), Streamers or  Staff. All matches shall be handled in a calm and orderly manner.
  • ***If non EU hosts are considered unplayable a neutral host can be requested. YOU MUST QUIT INSIDE THE FIRST ROUND***

Breck IRL  A, AN, AT , BB
TheHostHunter B, AO, AU, BC
Louix BlenkTron C, AP, AV, BD
TheOnlyTriixHD E, AR, AX, BF
Elysium V3NGFUL F, AS, AY, BG
Subject Madderz H, AB, AF
StarzRiser I, BA, BH
Expozzia P, AD, BI
Immortal Spawn / BT Falloutt O, Z, AH, AI

Team list

1. Authority : Ess JimmyB - Ess Ramboo - Ess Graylin - Ess KezDoggyDog
2. Stimulate : StM Breaker - StM Precision - StM Demonic - Munch Munch
3. BornReady : No Execution - GoDMoveS - Apache Who - xXBROOKLYNK1DXx Sub: xi bfg snapbacz
4. Innov8 : Innov8 By Rlty - innov8 monstaar - innov8 kreezy - fariko alluziak
5. Arise : Arise Mental - Arise Hidious - Arise Kirito - Arise Curse
6. Reserrection K : INVOLVING - Dezonide 1st - Choche J - IPunkii Sub : Multicity
7. Inspire gaming : Inspire Praized - Inspire Schokz - Inspire Cyraxz - Inspire Brainza
8. BotKings : BotKings FTZ - BotKings RXN - BotKings Phelpz - BotKings Krazed
9. Diesel & co : MvZ DyNaM, D1ESEL V, INiKS, GeaRsMaT
10. TheGoWe-Sport : GoWxX EdXx22 - FiiGht Zelos - EXPLOSATOR - F1o0w Swagg 24
11. Essence 2.0 : Ess Fleexz - Ess Woful - Ess Silvers - RD Ibiza Sub: RD Diixon
12. eSensiaL : DazRun - EsN x KayroN - V7RTU0Z is Back - Xl M A J 0 R lX
13. Captain Tsubasa : Chris HN - myxem - Daryl I Dixon - DMAAAAAAAAX
14. Essence : Ess Dragonz - Ess FranTotti - Ess EvLMon5ter - Ess Proxyes Sub: FHADZYY
15. TFP : IIII Krieg IIII - Inspire Kisho - XCrazyDiggaX - Re4cT GooDFell4 sub: VEXO Wotariel
16. Le French : Oxygen Diamondz - HeazeR - Fariko INXS - CarPix49 Sub : Mythix Reax
17. Rdamage : K4DHAPHY - B4GDAD - X0RKOS - DarkfraG Sub: Mr Aspire
18. Mythic : FNC Chrissy - Snub Focuss - I IRoBeRT I - Mythic Codhead Sub: Nastyy Ninja
19. Team Impute :Herb smokez - Awesome Ago - Machine Lancers - Me7aBoL1c sub: Punisherz N
20. OurPrime : Ess Martian - Kruza - JCrimsonS - Factionz Sub: Aristxtle
21. UndeRated : ViSectz - VioLord - Visions 9 - Fanxtic
22. Puzzled Gaming : PzL x MoveMentS - PzL x Bossman x - PzL x BeNzO x - PzL Fennell x Sub: PzL Twist
23. Saboteur : IXIkantuIXI -Giantpiggy17 - AuProblem - AuSirLanceAlot
24. Hold Tha L : Sycophants - Violateys - Raspberry Shock - Tournament God
25. Reckless : Just Rookie - Swaayz - Aggrushion -  Kfuzzler
26. ReVolution : MASSIVE Raptor - TeddyBexr - ViRaL v3 - Amazing Haze
27. Alan Carr : Kaly4n - Quantum Mullenz - lKeelan - Nforce Darkeyez Sub: Enfires
28. MbG : Hi Millingen - qR Bartowski - Mr G Punked - qR Skywalker Sub: TimpaaaH
29. REKT : Hydrone Toxic - Agile Slothh - Excalibuurz - Agile Crabb Sub: l Seanie l
30. ApocaLypse: Breeeks - Ku6aRs - FGOLDZ - Return Legend Sub: Return lStroke
31. LANTAN: Griffiniho - Neon - Lifeln - Faysd sub: socioraph
32. God is Life : Aespect - AdR HuMaN - Enta 7 - AdR Karma
33. Velocity : Velocity Shades - King Bladee - King Empathy - Snowbott Sub LBAMZ
34. Husky Buhlz : RaBbId XX LlAmA - Ii Jonesy iI - Im Osiak - PrimeTimeMason
35. Instinct : INS lMaster - INS Soul - INS XxNuNxX 69 - INS Signals
36. GsQ +2 : GsQ DoomBlade - GsQ Zeus - AlwyzTrigghapy - Fuerys
37. SWAGGERS : Voidies - N a R u 7 o x 3 - Rivals NY - Tramax iBatman - Axel Epic
38. Kryptic : Kryptic V1zion - Kryptic Nastexz - Kryptic Proxy5 - Kryptic Reapsz

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Botkings
Worthy Adversary: Authority
Maybe Next Time: Rdamage

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